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BRANOpac India : Your Partner in Corrosion Protection
BRANOpac India deals is all the three intermittent corrosion protection methods required during shipment and storage.
a) VCI Method : VCI Paper, VCI Film, VCI Emitters VCI Liquids.
b) Oiling Method : Thin and Dry Type Rust Preventive Oils / Water Miscible Rust Preventive Liquids.
c) Vacuum Packaging : Aluminum Barrier Foils and Moisture Absorbing Clay Dessicants.
Our Services :        
  1. Supply of Quality products at Competitive Prices.
  2. On Site Corrosion Protection Audit at Floor Level.
  3. Worldwide Technical Support.
  4. In-House and On-site Technical Training.
  5. On site Packaging Contracts.

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