BRANOcop VCI anticorrosion paper is a high quality kraft paper coated with the premium VCI quality of BRANOpac in particular for copper, brass, bronze and nickel silver. By constantly emitting a small amount of active anticorrosion substances (VCI principle: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), BRANOcop helps to protect metal parts during transport and storage. Active VCI agents effuse and build up a protecting atmosphere, which protects reliably against rust, even after having opened the package for a short time – the protecting atmosphere can be rebuild immediately. BRANOcop is double-side active on contact and distance. It can be used as a single wrap, interlayer or lining material.


  • Environmentally friendly corrosion protection based on paper
  • Package and anticorrosion protection in one
  • Metal parts are ready for use immediately
  • Time efficient packaging process
  • Easy to dispose and recyclable
  • Non-hazardous material
  • BRANOpac is certified according to ISO 9001 an ISO 14001
  • Development of customized solutions possible

Delivery Forms

Customer oriented in roles, sheets, bags, covers and blanks.


The metal is to be packaged clean, dry, corrosion-free and without remnants from earlier process steps. The denser the outer package, the more permanent is the protective effect.