BRANOrost Duplex Board


BRANOrost Duplex Board is a special board for reliable and clean protection against corrosion. The VCI Duplex Board is abrasion-free* in accordance with DIN 53109 (Taber test).

The BRANOrost Duplex Board reliably prevents the transmission of fibres onto the parts to be protected. At the same time, the premium VCI solution used ensures the protective atmosphere is established quickly and that the value of the packaged goods is reliably preserved.

Thanks to the high robustness of the special board, BRANOrost Duplex Board is perfectly suited for use as an intermediate layer, blank or compartments.


  • Environmentally friendly corrosion protection without oiling and greasing
  • Package and anticorrosion protection in one
  • Metal parts are ready for use immediately
  • Time efficient packaging process
  • Easy to dispose and recyclable
  • Non-hazardous material
  • Abrasion-free* in accordance with DIN 53109 (Taber test)
  • BRANOpac is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Development of customized solutions possible