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Leading manufacturer of corrosion protection products …

… with 100% of its formulation in Germany, convincing through performance and product quality.

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At your service worldwide…

…with competence centers in Europe, America, Asia Central and Asia East BRANOpac offers you service on every place in this world – always close to you.

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Tradition since 1875…

…this is why customers have trusted the company for decades. BRANOpac pays back with high-quality products only.

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Corrosion-free through the crisis – Protected into the future…

The best solution for quick storage! Contact us as a manufacturer of corrosion protection packaging with services worldwide.

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Research and development in one hand…

…with an own laboratory, that sets worldwide standards in product development, -optimization and -quality.

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BRANOpac – Every success has its roots

BRANOpac, with over a century of tradition as an independent family-owned company, is an international company with roots in Germany. Manufacturer of Anti Corrosion products such as VCI Paper, VCI Film, VCi Fluid, Aluminium barrier foil, BranoGel – anti corrosion gel and more. With branches all over the world, prominent companies put their trust in high-quality BRANO products “made in Germany”.

Quality is the basis for this long-term success, and as an independent producer, BRANOpac maintains full control over all parameters relating to processes and quality. As a result, BRANOpac is able to successfully and effectively deliver what its customers require. The company’s long-term service outlook determines the processes, standards, and communication in its operational business. Customer orientation is the number one priority at all levels, and the company has a very clear vision: “Maximum service for maximum customer satisfaction.”

BRANOpac – protecting the value of good products

Group of companies
Internationally Positioned

Global production- and sales network with subsidiaries worldwide to guarantee product efficiency and access to international markets.

  • More than 500 employees in total.
  • More than 60-million-euro turnover worldwide.

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