Customer- and project-oriented solutions

Together with and for our customers – BRANOpac’s flexible in-house research department guarantees that customised products can be developed quickly: customised solutions with optimised protection function for your needs.

Why go to the expense of conducting material or product research yourself or setting up an equipment pool and research team when you can simply tap into BRANOpac’s existing know-how?

Bundling products and research – up until the solution is found

Product development at BRANOpac is highly systemised, using a wide range of methods and tools. Its team of developers takes an end-to-end approach when developing corrosion protection solutions so that your company can implement its chosen strategy with maximum efficiency.

Through optimum interaction between specialist departments and short communication channels within the company, BRANOpac offers a range of highly coordinated products and services that meet even the highest standards – from the initial process analysis to research into causes, all requirements are defined and developed meticulously in this way.

Methods and properties: