Branofol-r3 VCI Film Manufacturer

Characteristics-branofol-r3 VCI Film

BRANOfol M3 VCI Film and BRANOfol R3 VCI film are blue dyed, special polyethylene film with double-sided active VCI corrosion protection which effectively protect metal parts from corrosion during transport or storage. They are water-proof, weldable and suitable for automatic packaging as well as bag production.

BRANOfol M3 and BRANOfol R3 are available from 40 to 300 μm and also available as VCI-embossing film. BRANOfol products continuously release small amounts of corrosion protection agents (VCI: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors), helping to provide effective protection against corrosion for metal parts during transport or storage.

The protecting atmosphere is, depending on the volume of the package, available after a short time. This holds true even after having opened the package for a short time – the protecting atmosphere will be rebuilt immediately afterwards.VCi

Duration of Protection

Depending on climate conditions and how well the packaging is sealed, BRANOfol M3, R3 can offer protection for up to twelve months. The duration of protection can be extended if the application, storage and transport are well known.

Advantages branofol-r3 VCI Film
Delivery Forms

Flat film, sheets, bags, half tubes, hoods, tubes, side pleaded Tubes, pallet liners, Boxed hoods, elastic string bags, zip lock bags.