Branofol-multifunction VCI Film

Introduction to BRANOfol Multifunction VCI Film

BRANOfol Multifunction VCI FIlm is a three-layered film system for a unique protection of any corrosive impacts. The outer highly transparent barrier layer ensures a reliable protection against hazardous environmental impacts and industrial air pollutants, that cause corrosion. The middle layer of the film system serves as a reducer for water-vapour permeability of up to 50%. The VCI system, based on the latest batch formula, provides and active VCI protection for multi-metal.

BRANOfol Multifunction VCI Film provides high stability as well as tear resistance through its multi-layered structure, but is flexible and easy to handle at the same time.

BRANOfol Multifunction VCI Film is sealable and recyclable, available in many different formats and also as bags, side-gusset bags, tubes and many more varieties and in different colours. Combined with diverse additives, the BRANOfol Multifunction VCI Film is also available in extremely tear-resistant, shrinkable, anti-static, electrostatic dissipative, flame-retardant, cross-laminated, UV-stabilized, and extra-elastic variants.