Branorost VCI Chips

Introduction to Branorost VCI Chips

Branorost VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, or Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) chips, made by Branopac India, are a specialized anti-corrosion product. These chips emit protective vapors that shield metals from corrosion, keeping them safe and durable. They’re designed to be efficient and adaptable, offering reliable corrosion protection for various applications. Branorost VCI chips are a key solution for preserving metal integrity in industries where corrosion is a concern

Characteristics - Branorost VCI Chips

BRANOrost VCI Chips are saturated with the premium VCI quality of BRANOpac and give excellent cushion and scratch protection for metallic components and surfaces. BRANOrost VCI chips combine protection against damage and corrosion.

By emitting constantly, a small amount of active anticorrosion substances (VCI principle: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), BRANOrost Chips help to protect metal parts during transport and storage. In packages or containers lined with BRANOrost VCI Chips, a protecting atmosphere is built up, which reliably prevents corrosion of metal parts even after having opened the package for a short time.

BRANOrost VCI Chips have a repository effect. BRANOrost VCI Chips are lined in packages or adhered to hollow spaces with thick outer walls. The better the outer seal, the longer the protection will last.

Advantages of Branorost VCI Chips
Delivery Forms

Customer oriented in roles, sheets, bags, covers and blanks.


The metal is to be packaged clean, dry, corrosion-free and without remnants from earlier process steps. The denser the outer package, the more permanent is the protective effect.