Introduction to BRANOfol Multitron VCI Film

The BRANOfol Multitron VCI Film is a special multi-layered film, consisting of a filter for pollutants in the outer layer, a barrier against water-vapour in the middle layer and an active VCI corrosion protection system in the inner layer; facing the metal. With efficient corrosion protection for copper and its alloys as well as tarnish protection for precious metal such as silver and precious metal alloys, the BRANOfol Multitron VCI Film was especially developed for the electronic industry. It protects various electronic components such as electric wires, resonators, plug connections, solder contacts, circuit boards, capacitors, coils, processors, electric engines and many more reliably of corrosion and hazardous environmental impacts. Due to this reason, the foil is also applied within the electromobility sector.

It is waterproof, weldable and ideal for automatic packing and bag production. BRANOfol Multitron VCI Film protects metal parts effectively from corrosion during transport and storage. You have the choice to further equip the BRANOfol Multitron with the following characteristics:

Electrically conductive: ESD-D

The film emits minuscule amounts of corrosion protection agents into the air within the packaging on a continuous basis, thereby also protecting the metal surfaces that they do not touch directly. The protecting atmosphere is – depending on the packaging volume – available after a short time. Even after a short opening of the package through e.g. custom controls of single removals, the VCI protection atmosphere is fully built up again.


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