Branorost - VCI kraft Paper Manufacturer

Characteristics of Branorost VCI Kraft Paper

BRANOrost VCI Kraft paper is a high quality kraft paper combined with the premium VCI quality of BRANOpac. By emitting constantly, a small amount of active anticorrosion substances (VCI principle: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), BRANOrost VCI Kraft papers helps to protect metal parts during transport and storage. Active VCI agents effuse and build up a protective atmosphere, that protects reliably against rust, even after having opened the package for a short time. The protecting atmosphere can be rebuild immediately.

BRANOrost VCI Kraft Paper is double side active on contact and distance. It can be used as a simple single wrap, interlayer, or lining material.

Advantages of Branorost VCI Kraft Paper

Delivery Forms

Customer oriented in roles, sheets, bags, covers and blanks.


The metal is to be packaged clean, dry, corrosion-free and without remnants from earlier process steps. The denser the outer package, the more permanent is the protective effect.

Examples of usage:

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