Branotect VCI Oil Manufacturer

Characteristics - Branotect VCI Oil

Thin-bodied corrosion preventative made from mineral oil raffinates, petroleum distillates and anticorrosive additives. BRANOtect Export AIII contains neither silicone nor wool fat.

BRANOtect Export AIII builds on metal surfaces a highly effective temporary protective film against corrosion with good self-sealing tendency when breaking. Traces of moisture on metal surfaces are infiltrated.

Duration of Protection

Depending on the climate, the contamination level of the air, and the pollution condition of the metal surface.

To be regarded as indicator :-

– In the right package, indoors more than 5 years

– Indoors, open 5 years in the right package,

– In the open more than 5 years outdoors,

– Under the roof 5 years outdoors several months

Application and Dosage

Transportation protection for all metal surfaces, mass products, precision work pieces, machines, accessories, tools, measuring tools and mechanical parts.

For the conservation of all metal parts against corrosion over a long period of time, e.g., store production, spare parts storage, long mail order over different climatic zones, long storage after dispatch.

Apply through dip-and-drain, painting, or spraying. Do not apply to hot parts. BRANOtect Export AIII is to be used as described above (packaging/ protection of certain kinds of metal pieces). Otherwise, no responsibility for caused damages can be taken.


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