Branorol - Corrosion Protection VCI Oil

Characteristics of Branorol - Corrosion Protection VCI Oil

Mineral oil-based anticorrosion oil without solvent, wax, wool fat, silicone or inorganic ash-building additives.

BRANOrol 32/10 protects in two different ways :-

– As oil film, directly on metal surfaces (protective coating)

– Through giving off small amount of active anticorrosion ingredients above oil level in the surrounding atmosphere: the VCI principle (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor). A permanent protecting atmosphere is built up in an enclosed cavity.

Range of Protection - Branorol 32/10

Especially made for the protection of iron. If copper, brass or bronze is present, BRANOrol has to be fully sprayed on it at the beginning of the preservation. If magnesium, cadmium, zinc or lead is present, a certain rate of material abrasion is expected.


For cavity protection of gears, pumps, engines, cylinders, pipes, tanks, during shipment and storage of newly manufactured units; even during seasonal closure (farm machines, snow remover and boats). Not for cavity of car bodies.

BRANOrol 32/10 is simply poured or sprayed into the cavity for protection.

Afterwards all openings are sealed as tightly as possible.


In general, up to 1 m³: 300 ml BRANOrol 32/10 per m³ of cavity. (Please inquire about bigger units) BRANOrol 32/10 is to be used as described above (packaging/ protection of certain kinds of metal pieces). Otherwise, no responsibility for caused damages can be take.

Branorol – Corrosion Protection Oil Manufacturer

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