Branoral-c10 VCI Oil

Characteristics - Branoral-C10 VCI Oil

Clear, alcoholic active ingredient solution for diluted use in treatment fluids or swill baths. BRANOral C10 VCI Oil produces an extremely thin, practically not distinguishable, passivation coating on non-ferrous heavy metals so that the resistance to tarnish, in the air or in the coil, is considerably improved. The usually fast drop of solder ability is prevented.

Application and Dosage

The application concentration is usually one percent in weight. Depending other requirements, tap water or deionised water (e. g., to avoid lime blast) can be used. Perfectly clean, carefully rinsed in mordant, the metal products are dipped quickly in the BRANOral C10 VCI Oil bath. To warm up the bath to approx. 50 – 60° C has a favourable effect on the protection.

Flash rolls made of rubber eliminate the most liquid excess, then it is dried in hot air. If metal bands, are greased e.g., on felts, then likewise, BRANOral C10 (1%) can be added to the oil.

On the other hand, an addition directly to the rolling oil makes little sense, because the passive coating is destroyed by every passage. Under appropriate safety precautions, BRANOral C10 can also be diluted and used in other organic solvents (e. g., alcohol, ester, ketone).

BRANOral-products are to be used as described above (packaging/ protection of certain kinds of metal pieces). Otherwise, no responsibility for caused damages can be taken.


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