Branotect A III

Characteristics A III VCI Oil

Thin-bodied corrosion preventatives are made from mineral oil raffinates, petroleum distillates and anticorrosive additives. BRANOtect AIII VCI Oil contains neither silicone nor wool fat. This product stands out due to its outstanding flow properties, good grease effect, and water displacement.

BRANOtect A III VCI Oil is a versatile aid in dealing with metal parts. It builds on all metal surfaces an extraordinarily thin, yet highly effective, temporary protective film against corrosion. It crawls along the upper metal surfaces until it fits, fissures, crevices, and pore and displaces the adherent moisture. It greases all sliding metal surfaces and movable parts.

Duration of Protection

Depending on the climate, the contamination level of the air, and the pollution condition of the metal surface. To be regarded as indicator :-

In the right package, indoors 12 – 24 months

In the right package, in the open 6 – 12 months

Outdoor, under the roof 4 – 8 weeks

Application and Dosage

Transportation protection for all metal surfaces, mass products, precision work pieces, structural components, machines, accessories, tools, measuring tools, contacting instruments, all movable parts.

As conservation between some working steps, for in process stock, e. g., store production, weekends, holidays, or closure. As mounting aid at work. Because of its ability to creep, BRANOtect A III VCI oil can undo tight screws. Further application areas: household, vehicle servicing, and vehicle maintenance.

Apply through dip-and-drain, painting, or spraying. Let evaporate for 1 – 2 hours. Do not apply to hot parts. BRANOtect AIII is to be used as described above (packaging/ protection of certain kinds of metal pieces). Otherwise, no responsibility for caused damages can be taken. 




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