Vacupac is an aluminium-composite foil for more exacting demands. Excellent breaking and bursting strength. Vacupac is moisture and grease-proof, extremely durable, flexible, wear resistant, rot-proof and heat-sealable on its white matt sides.

Vacupac is a moisture-proof barrier-layer material for the protection of machines, precision tools, components, plant and electronic control systems against moisture and corrosion during sea transport, polar and tropical transport and for long-term packaging and storage purposes, for example in a military depot.

Atmospheric Packaging

BRANOgel desiccant is used together with Vacupac to form the atmospheric packaging: Barrier layer materials work by protecting hermetically the packaged components from the moisture in the outside atmosphere; BRANOgel absorbs the remaining moisture within the packaging.

Forms of Delivery

Vacupac is available in rolls, manufactured to tubes, halftubes, flat-bags, covers and crate inserts.